To do list for honours project game

Things to do:
Make basic alpha play through level layout
Test using dupli groups for a project and get a folder structure set up
Test ways of making cut scenes
Make basic alpha play through interactions
Create artwork for artists house Level
  • House model outside(Optonal) Garden (final fight?)
  • House model main room with stair case
  • House model loft
  • Paint feetprints

Create artwork for Pop Art house level
  • Create room model, table chaires soup cans, curtins, windows, doors
  • Garden (fence, trees, path, house, explosions, plains(reuse from test))
  • Textures for the boy and the old man in pop art style

Create artwork for Watercolour Level
  • Create trees(2d watercolour original), 
  • Create bear(reuse model from jam 2013)
  • Create fish and wolf
  • Create cave (reuse some assets from tests)
  • Create sword/ slashes
  • Textures for the boy in Watercolour style

Create artwork for Charcoal Level
  • Create Station and tfb (Reuse level from TFB test)
  • Create tunnel
  • Create  change signal sign
  • Create on of box /wire
  • Create train/ make smoke look pretty
  • Create shield
  • Textures for the boy in Charcoal style(animated)

Create artwork for Oil Paint Level
  • Create outside walls/jetty/cliffs
  • Create guard enemies
  • Create maze in middle
  • Create key item
  • Textures for the boy and Oil Paint style

Create artwork for Scratchy Pen and ink level
  • Create castle
  • Create Main enemy character
  • Textures for the boy in Pen and ink style(animated)

Animate and cut scenes and implement
  1. Intro
  2. Getting pushed into painting1
  3. Meeting old man
  4. Old man getting hit and coming out of pop art painting, explaining what the boy has to do next
  5. Chased by wolves
  6. Meet bear points to sward
  7. You get sword
  8. Bear moves for you
  9. Old man points u to next painting
  10. Meet TFB points to the signal
  11. Train comes
  12. Gets shield from train
  13. Old man next painting
  14. Guards throw u out?(optonal)tell you u cant get in, show side entrence with cam
  15. Finds key
  16. Old man points to next painting
  17. Intro to main enemy
  18. Trapping main enemy
  19. Final chat with old man
  20. Walking away happily

Create main enemy character

Create boy

Create old man

Source audio
  • Sounds of the material being drawn / painted with scratches etc



Go into painting noise

Implement audio

Play test

Finalise game polish

Finalise story


yes that is a lot of things, il look over it again and try to plan out when i have to have everything done by


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