Okami framework evaluation

Artwork deconstruction 1 (Okami)
(Practical Media)                 
Sumie(Asian Ink wash painting)
Type of
(Paper, Canvas, Texture)
Colour Pallet
Black/ Dull/ washed out
(Are there any, Thickness, Movement, colour, Texture, Wobbly )
Direct meaningful, some dry brush edges, wobbly, minimal, dark
Object fills
(Colour, Texture, Brush Strokes)
Washy, blotty,
Solid drawing
(Dose the 3d shape remain consistent from all angles? sillowete)
Yes/object could be represented in 3d(some leaf tree elements appear 2d)
Shading and shadows
(Colour in relation to rest of scene, Shape)
Minimal, uses paint pigment as shading
Animation/ Movement
(Sketchy, Precise)( Dry brushes/Blur Lines)
Na, handdrawn would be wobbly, scratchy and inconsistent.

 Grading system how well something was achived : very good , ok , not at all
Reconstruction in 3d implementation (okami)[ps2]
(Get a general feel of the media)
Okami gets a very strong image of the original sumie style
Type of
(Post Presses 2d filter or overlay containing paper texture)
Has a 2d paper overlay
(Post process outlines? Scaled mesh inverted normals, textured view or uv space, Animated, Wobbly displacement map,)
Wobbly duplicated scaled mesh. Uses drybrushes in attacks. After bulr drag thing to look like fluid miving brushstrokes(only effects black strokes)
Object fills
(Texture, uv or screen space? Bush Strokes in texture, Animated?)
Object fills uv, washy textures. Miniam visual noise
Solid drawing (Constrains, blend shapes, complex rigs, maintain 3d sillowete)

Yes objects are 3d with 2d filters, Trees are semi 3d which track to the camera.
Shading and Shadows
(Real time? Baked? Animated Shape? Masked shading/stencil)

Minimal, 1 plane with an shadow texture for the character.
(Sketchy, Precise, animated outlines and textures)( Dry brushes/BlurLines, bill boarded planes with blur lines)

Wobbly lines, sketchy , imprecise,
Additional comments
For the sumie style this game is a little on the visually noisy side but it makes scene to add more detail for a game environment to guide the player.

overall score = 8 out of 8


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