Viewtiful joe test i forgot about

So heres another couple semi tests i did at the start of the project.
The first is viewtiful joe by clover studios.
this game is amazing the art style just emphasises the over the top action platforming in a comic style.

I took a quick stab at recreating the style.
I found a model riped from the game viewtiful joe red hot rumble, basicaly smash bros with viewtiful  characters.
Here was what the model looks like with standerd materials:

I added a scaled mesh outline
played with color ramps on the material in blender and ended up with this.

Then i tried to compare my look to the origonal and realised that i had the whites in the wrong place

 i rearanged and got this.

thi sis closer but for some reason i couldnt get the whites to be strong when the were in the actual shadow of the object


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