Viewtiful Joe Framework evaluation

Artwork deconstruction 1 (Viewtiful Joe)

(Practical Media)                 
Imspired comic book , like some stylish web comics?
Type of
(Paper, Canvas, Texture)
Colour Pallet
All Contrasting colors, high contrast, vibrant
(Are there any, Thickness, Movement, colour, Texture, Wobbly )
Static outlines, black, thick
Object fills
(Colour, Texture, Brush Strokes)
Mostly solid fills, some occasional gradient fills.
Solid drawing
(Dose the 3d shape remain consistent from all angles? sillowete)
Yes could be represented in 3d
Shading and shadows
(Colour in relation to rest of scene, Shape)
Solid black shadows whith white high light in shadow
Animation/ Movement
(Sketchy, Precise)( Dry brushes/Blur Lines)
Yes sometimes motion lines, and bullet trails, some attacks

Grading system how well something was achived : very good , ok , not at all
Reconstruction in 3d implementation (Viewtiful Joe)
(Get a general feel of the media)
Type of
(Post Presses 2d filter or overlay containing paper texture)
N/A, there is sections in the game where u turn into average joe and it has a film grain over the image to tie in with the story
Colour Palate
Yes, the game uses a wide range of contrasting colors
(Post process outlines? Scaled mesh inverted normals, textured view or uv space, Animated, Wobbly displacement map,)
Yes, static scaled mesh, black , thick
Object fills
(Texture, uv or screen space? Bush Strokes in texture, Animated?)
Uv textures.
Solid drawing (Constrains, blend shapes, complex rigs, maintain 3d sillowete)

Shading and Shadows
(Real time? Baked? Animated Shape? Masked shading/stencil)

Solid black shadows,with white highlights in the black on characters
(Sketchy, Precise, animated outlines and textures)( Dry brushes/BlurLines, bill boarded planes with blur lines)

Multiple after images of Joe when he runs fars or attacks fast, some attacks have motion lines and bullet trails show when slow motion is activated.
Additional comments
Viewtiful Joe is one of the games which doesn’t really copy any style but is influenced by several things. This is a style which I have never seen before and is very distinctive of this game, it really suits the over the top, fast, action packed feel of the gameplay.

7.5 out of 8


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