MadWorld framework evaluation

Artwork deconstruction 1 (Mad World)
(Practical Media)                 
Black and white Comic book
Type of
(Paper, Canvas, Texture)
Paper book, usually off white, not true white, sometimes slightly rough texture on paper.
Colour Pallet
Black and white
(Are there any, Thickness, Movement, colour, Texture, Wobbly )
Yes, smooth, outline inverses to white when in front of black.
Object fills
(Colour, Texture, Brush Strokes)
Solid, sometimes textures from a library
Solid drawing
(Dose the 3d shape remain consistent from all angles? sillowete)
Yes could be represented in 3d
Shading and shadows
(Colour in relation to rest of scene, Shape)
Solid black shadows
Animation/ Movement
(Sketchy, Precise)( Dry brushes/Blur Lines)
Yes motion lines are often used to show direction of movment

Grading system how well something was achived : very good , ok , not at all
Reconstruction in 3d implementation (Mad World)
(Get a general feel of the media)
Type of
(Post Presses 2d filter or overlay containing paper texture)
Black and white paper, off white, They also add a animated grain texture which almost makes it feel like a tv show which links in with the story.
Colour Palate
Black and off white, red is used to show blood in an over the top way, and yellow is used to fill words which often reinforce the audio(onomatopoeia)
(Post process outlines? Scaled mesh inverted normals, textured view or uv space, Animated, Wobbly displacement map,)
Yes, and they invert to white when they appear over black background to keep the outline.
Object fills
(Texture, uv or screen space? Bush Strokes in texture, Animated?)
Uv textures.
Solid drawing (Constrains, blend shapes, complex rigs, maintain 3d sillowete)

Shading and Shadows
(Real time? Baked? Animated Shape? Masked shading/stencil)

Solid black shadows, static environment shadows. Animated/ wobbly character shadows
(Sketchy, Precise, animated outlines and textures)( Dry brushes/BlurLines, bill boarded planes with blur lines)

Shaodws wobble as if its moving over the ground, No sketchy animated textures
Additional comments
Madworld was a nice change of pace for a wii game when It came out trying to go for a more adult market on a casual console, its over the top gameplay and stylized visuals made it a treat to play. The stylish look would sometimes make it really confusing for the player due to the amount of visual noise.

8 out of 8


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