Screen space ambient occlusion test room

I was watching my flatmate play farcry 3 the other day and kept noticing the SSAO in action when the character was close to objects. I then rememberd looking in to this for blender a little while ago 

comparison with ssao and withought

heres a video of a cleaver guy who made it work:

I made a quick scene wit 2 textures of the internet and a character i made the other day.
Heres the results of that video(was going to record on my mac for better fram rates bu the ssao filter didnt work) 

I made the filter be repeted and applyed it 3 times in the video, where the frame rate droppes to 12 fps, not good :s. But at 1 level of filter its about 25ish whitch isnt the worsed. in the video i turn the effect on and off to show the difference. It dosent have as strong an effect as i would have liked and i might now use it because of this, il test performance on another few machines and then decide, but might just go with a light bake of some kind in the final game.


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